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The Club was founded in the late 70's at Home Farm Neighbourhood Centre in Beaumont Leys, Leicester. We started racing 1:10 buggies and 1:12 circuit, which we still race to this day. Indoor races take place on a racing carpet with the use of an electronic lap counting system.

When we race

We race every Friday from 7pm to 10pm, it is best to arrive early so you have plenty of time to book in and prepare to race. All levels of racing skills are welcome, from first time novices to National class standard. Don't be afraid to ask for help, there are plenty of helping hands around to ensure you get the most out of your evening.

Where we race

The Friday night race meets are held at Home Farm Neighbourhood Centre, off Strasbourge Drive, Beaumont Leys, Leicester. The facilities offered are safe parking, snack foods and a public bar.


The club is BRCA affiliated and your membership to the club offers automatic membership to the BRCA, benefits of membership includes a magazine, insurance, etc. Just ask a club steward for more information or call one of the members on the club contacts page.

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